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Do you like this motorcycle?

400 miles range | 120 horsepower | 3.2 seconds to 60 mph

ECO-friendly Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles produce NO EMISSION. Hence they are 100% ecologically safe.

Eco Friendly Motorcycle

Cheap to charge

Electricity is much cheaper than a petrol. You will save up to 10 times more topping up electric motorcycle.

Chargins Electric Motorcycle VIGO

Economy calculator

Tell us how many miles you ride a week and we tell you how much you'll save with electric motorcycle

miles per week


Because electric motorcycle produces no emission they exempt from vehicle TAX payments.

Electric motorcycle TAX free


Any power supply sockets can be used to charge electric motorcycle. You can charge anywhere at any time.

Electric motorcycle UK socket to charge

Easy to run

No clutches, no gears. Only throttle with instant power.

Electric motorcycle VIGO Rear Wheel

Low Maintenance

Almost no maintenance required. No more oil, sparkplugs, adjustments, lubrication, etc.

Electric motorcycle back

Extra Storage

Instead of petrol tank there is an extra storage big enough for helmet

Electric motorcycle Storage

Additional Features

Higher security (no physical key), voice control, global navigation and tracking, app synchronization are build-in directly to your motorcycle

Electric motorcycle LCD Display

Do you want to have this motorcycle?

400 miles range | 120 horsepower | 3.2 seconds to 60 mph

E-bike Owners Testimonials

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About Electric Motorbikes

Electric motorcycles have many advantages comparing with a petrol ones. Here we would like to give you a brief information why you have to buy electric motorbike rather then a general, petrol motorcycle.

First of all electric motorcycle does not pollute environment. All electric motorcycles are 100% ecologically-friendly. If you care about the future of our planes you must step forward towards electric motorcycles.

Electric motorcycles are much cheaper to run. Electric motorcycles do not need such thing as: oil, oil filters, air filters, chain, sprockets. On top of that with electric motorcycle you will spend 10 times less for a charge. You will ride more, paying less, average fuel economy equivalent is 475 MPG, which is absolutely unreachable by petrol motorcycles . There are no TAX on electric motorbikes, hence you don't have to pay extra to the government to ride electric motorcycles.

Trustworthy. Electric engine doesn't involve many parts, it is more solid. Therefore you should not worry about your vehicle, it is always ready to go. Electric motorcycles have modern lithium-ion which will last you up to 350 thousand miles.

Super Quiet. Electric motorcycles no only environmentally save but also quiet. You will not bother your neibors by the sound of your engine anymore.

Lightweight easy to run. No clutch, no gearbox, no exhaust pipe are needed in electric motorbike. They are much lighter and easy to run. So if you just get your licence and want to have powerful motorbike - look forward electric ones. Because with it you will have more power and fun to ride.

Electric motorcycle is a future. Era of petrol is going away and more and more electric vehicles are coming. The future is for electric vehicles. Buying electric motorbike - you are investing in a clean, safe future.