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How to charge electric motorcycle

"How and where charge electric motorcycle?" is among the most frequently asked question. Certainly, it is vital to know what are you going to do if you ran out of electricity, or where to you have to hook up your vehicle to charge it faster.

How to charge electric motorcycle?

Actually, although it might be complicated to understand, but in order to charge electric vehicle you don't have to plug it to a special charging station, like Tesla or others. Your motorcycle can be plugged in to any power supply, such as regular power socket at home, or in office car park.

If special charging point is not required, why are they?

To charge your motorcycle faster - you need to put more current into your motorcycle. Unfortunately regular home power sources are not powerful enough to provide a high enough current therefore special charging station were produces. Their aim is to charge you electric vehicle faster. So the only difference between home-charging and charging point is the time which required to fully charge your motorcycle.

What time is needed to charge your motorcycle?

Standard charging time for majority electric motorcycles is around 6-8 hours. 

Is it possible to boost charging time at home?

Certainly there are special enhancements for electric motorcycles which will gradually boost your charging time. There are Charge Tank and Quick Charge. With both charging accessories you can fully charge your motorcycle at home for 2 hours.

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