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How far can travel fully charged 11kw bike?

This question is incorrect. Power and range are not relative. Battery and its consumption determines the distance. Consider that moments as that: 11kW (equivalent of 15 horse power) is maximum power of motorcycle, but you may not use full throttle, and, therefore, consume only only 5-8 kW. In this case you'll travel further on a single charge. It is very similar to petrol motorcycles - the higher speed the lower MPG.

Keep in mind that electric motorcycles different - they have regenerative braking - it means the more you brake (decelerate) the more energy gets back to the battery therefore you ride more. This is why electric motorcycles more efficient in cities rather than highways.

The question to your answer the best Zero Motorcycle with Power Tank can travel up to 180 miles on a single charge. Although, there are new motorcycles which are going to be on the market soon which will travel 2 times further than that. 

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400 miles range | 120 horsepower | 3.2 seconds to 60 mph

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